Monday, June 05, 2006

SATURDAY AT 12!!! Pool Party!!! Free Pizza!!! *

Yeah so SAturday for sure! Call me if you can make it!!

I am moving the weekend of the 16th and you are all invited to come and celebrate!! After I find out my exact schedule I will know even more specific times but until then keep that weekend free as much as possible!! Because who doesn't love three pools to swim in and free pizza and pop!?!?

*Fun and free food only upon using muscles to help move big boxes, furniture, etc.


Adrianna said...

Things I love (in no particular order):

1. Picking stuff up
2. Moving it
3. Eating stuff
4. Swimming
5. Cynda

So yeah I will prolly make it :)

Ken said...

So how bout instead of muscles, I use a car? Seeing as I actually have a car.

Katie said...

so it took me a good five minutes after you and magda had driven by today for me to figure out who i was waving back at.
haha yeah.
sorrrrrrrrry about that.

Cynda said...

Katie, that's ok because this was the actual series of events:
Cynda almost rear ends car. Magda: Hey Jesuit high School...Boston College...Duke...
Cynda: The Bieze's!!

Cynda: cranes neck to see said Bieze's.
Magda: She waved!!

So maybe we weren't as slow as you but hey I did almost hit you so we're even.

Shinekaze said...

I should be home from OSU by then. Finals week ends the 16th, and I only have 2 finals, so I should be done early. I'll have to swing by. What are the details?

heh... amusing... my verification is bkyamz... how disgusting would it be if BK (burger king) started serving yams?

Shakeer said...

I love yams. It actually would be pretty cool if they had fried yams instead of french fries.

Adrianna said...

Burgerville has sweet potato fries during the Christmas season. They're kinda yams.

Ken said...

yam foo-foo