Monday, July 31, 2006

don't need no more lies!

so i learned that mike's memory prowess is technically called hypermnesia.

hey mike, i talked to a girl on the gravy rangers on the bus today. she goes to u of o. who is it?
we should have a quiz mike thing everyday on here. or not, whichever. ha, our friend joe aka fugue was in her dorm.

i went to the csny concert with my dad and brothers friday. it was for father's day. it was my idea.

[when i realized it was on the same weekend as the pitchfork music festival in chicago i went quite awhile without mentioning it. but then shakeer couldn't go, and my dj friend from nd couldn't. and even fucking awesome events like that lose a lot of their fun without someone to share it with, which i learned at sasquatch. it wouldn't be worth the roughly four hundred i'd spend to see it, was my logic. i decided to get the video ipod instead. just yesterday i recalculated how much i'd have made over the summer and came up with an extra three fifty. that kinda blew. its probably the strongest gathering of musicians yet assembled during my lifetime. end longest brackets ever.]

csny were pretty much my dad's favorite music group growing up, and he'd never seen them live. it was tim's first concert too. the first third was mainly off neil young's new anti-war album. without the hundred person gospel choir it lost some of the little punch it had. it was okay. after intermission they played almost exclusively old stuff. highlights for me were ohio, for what it's worth, and a nearly twenty minute rockin' in the free world that fucking destroyed. neil young, i think the coolest man on the planet, broke a guitar string at i think the fourteen minute mark. stephen stills is a sick guitar player too. crosby is a has-been and i have a sneaking suspicion that nash was always a poser.

saturday during the day i headed over to the pdx pop now festival to see thanksgiving. it was at the loveland, about a mile and a half upriver from omsi. it's a very cool place. i wish i would have brought my camera. pictures always make blog posts better. anyway he's this skinny kid hardly older than us, from portland, and he performed with two drummers, a guitarist, a bassist, a trombone player, a trumpet player, and a tambourine girl with a handkerchief over her face. it was a great show. phil elvrum (microphones, mount eerie, etc.) has said "the best songs ever written are being written right now by adrian orange (thanksgiving)." he's like a mentor i hear. i'm not so sure, but i think i'll buy as many of his records as i can find. the show was not nearly long enough, but not because he didn't want to play his entire catalog.

sunday i went on a bike ride along the esplanade and over along this big connected walkway for the riverfront condos after crossing the fremont bridge. then thru the pearl. i guess i hadn't been to the pearl yet. i don't have an inclination to go back. then along the waterfront past the brewersfest and back home over the hawthorne. we should have a bike ride soon.

zoobombing was on globe trekker.


Miguel said...

Ms. K C! Though that was more of forgetting what school she was going to and then remembering all of the other girls' schools.

Please don't quiz me; I assure you I won't stand up to your scrutiny.

Shakeer said...

What's with the formatting as of late Ben? Stop trying to be Thom Yorke.