Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Summer Away From Home

We built some stuff. It looked like this. Actually the majority of my work (spent welding outside in the lovely Kentucky weather) is unseen, as we built a fly system for those painted drops, where there was nothing 3 weeks earlier.

That is actually what I did for 5/8 of the show...sat on that very step.

And now Blogger is being a bitch and won'tlet me post pictures where i want. On the whole, I really enjoyed my time there...yeah the work was incredibly tiring (I've found that just standing up and walking around an outdoor shop for a few hours just drains you) but the people who worked with me made it worthwhile. So, if you have any interest in an outdoor theatre, Louisville Kentucky, kinda internship, I've got your connection.

I miss you guys and I will be home August 11th. I WILL see you then.

1 comment:

Adrianna said...

Good to see you had a good time
Catch ya in Oregon or maybe Milwaukee or barring that who knows.