Sunday, September 17, 2006

DO NOT download the new iTunes 7.0 ! !

This is a warning to all of those who run iTunes on their computer and have not already downloaded the new version.

As it turns out Apple has once again screwed up. The new iTunes program that they have developed to replace the exsisting one is complete with new features as well as old problems. When you install the new iTunes it will try to compress your files, unfortunatly a common result of this compression is the complete destruction of your music library. This has happened to me, as well as countless others around the country. What happens is that when it compresses the files, the sound quality is destroyed and the resulting music sounds staticy, scratchy, and it will occasionally skip as well. I visited the Mac Store to see if there was some way to correct the problem, the employee I spoke to said this: "No." She then told me the only way to correct the probelem is to completely redownload and reburn all your CDs that you downloaded to, because apparently there is no way to uncompress the music files. Not even uninstalling the program and installing the old version, because the damage has already been done. This is why she has not yet downloaded the new version, apparently the employees all knew that there was a possiblilty for error, and therefor Mac's own people are not downloading the new versions. Unfortunatly they did not share that with the rest of us. So now my entire library of well over 1500 songs is completely gone, irretrevable to my knowledge and unbareable to listen to. The Mac store employee said there is a possibilty that Apple will create a patch to correct the problem, but she said it is unlikely.

If you somehow know of a way to fix this problem, please let me know! I really dont want to redownload all my music and recopy all my cd's. Thank you.


Ben said...

r.i.p. madonna elvis and billy joel

Doug said...

Ummm... did you just let it convert your wma files to AAC format? 'cause it prompts for that. But I haven't had any problems with 7.0

Dave said...

I hate it when it does that... I call it the iTunes God complex... "And iTunes said, 'I have re-formatted you in my image, go forth and compile' and Apple looked down, and said 'it is good'

X said...

But alas, it was not good.

and I dont remember it prompting me to convert anything...I probably would have said no. But who knows, maybe it was hidden in the underbelly of the beast which is the readme or something.

And btw Ben, I only have 45 madonna songs, 39 elvis songs, and 47 Billy Joel songs. Just so you know.

Scott said...

In his defense, both Elvis and Billy Joel are fantastic. I'll even say Madonna's talented, but for reasons that are beyond me I really just don't like her. Maybe it's for kissing Britney Spears. Y'know, when she was

Chuck said...

Madonna has her time and place. I think we all can agree on that.

Ben said...

billy joel was banned from notre dame in the late 70s because they told him he couldn't play 'only the good die young' at his concert here and he played it six times in a row.

Katie said...

"Nobody would ever claim that Billy Joel is *cool* in the conventional sense, particularly if they're the kind of person who actively worries about what coolness is supposed to mean. Billy Joel is also not cool in the kitschy, campy, 'he's so uncool he's cool' sense, which also happens to be the most tired designation in popular culture. He has no intrinsic coolness, and he has no extrinsic coolness. If cool was a color, it would be black -- and Billy Joel would be sort of a burnt orange.

Yet Bill Joel is *great*. And he's not great *because* he's uncool, nor is he great because he 'doesn't worry about being cool' (because I kind of think he does). No, he's great in the same way your dead grandfather is great. Because unlike 99% of pop artists, there is absolutely no relationship between Joel's greatness and Joel's coolness (or lack thereof), just as there's no relationship between the 'greatness' of serving in World War II and the 'coolness' of serving in World War II. What he does as an artist wouldn't be better if he was significantly cooler, and it's not worse because he isn't. And that's sort of amazing when one considers that he's supposedly a rock star."

the gospel according to chuck klosterman. longest comment ever, i know. i couldn't help but type some of it when you mentioned billy joel.

p.s. now i'll go listen to my iTunes on shuffle, and each artist that comes up, wonder if they're more cool than great, or vice versa. the things i do to avoid work.