Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"An example of false hope would be hoping for the ability to fly."

so i love you wikipedia, and what do you do? you fucking spit in my face.

yeah, so what if i wikipediaed hope? it's 3:30, i can't concentrate on studying, and i learned all there was to know about saved by the bell, what else was i supposed to do? well, aside from admitting defeat and going to bed.

in other news 'ten things i hate about you' and 'she's all that' are pretty much the same movie.


Katie said...

1. ten things i hate about you is based on the taming of the shrew. she's all that is based on pygmalion (spelling?). so different.
2. heath ledger is hot. freddie prinze junior is not.

v. different.

p.s. i saw tom petty in concert on sunday night. jealous much?

Katie said...

oh, and in other concert news, i'm going to see citizen cope on my birthday, and of montreal is coming to duke the 29th. swear to god, the best part about college is the concerts.

Ben said...

yeah 'she's the man' is supposed to be shakespeare too, i forget which one though. Pat?

Miguel said...

i have no witticisms, but the answer to your question, ben, is twelfth night. i hate myself.

Ben said...

don't worry mike, self-hatred is now responsible for 98% of my personality and I'm doing alright for myself