Saturday, September 30, 2006

Greatest. Class. Ever.

Yes. That is a picture of me firing, yes firing, an AK-74.

This shot is a bit cooler, but we didn't actually fire either the shotgun or the carbine:

Some people were a little too happy with the whole experience:

But basically, there were three tables like this:

So what did I do to deserve this amazing adventure? I simply enrolled in Hist 371: World War II in Europe. Sure, you'll have to sit through lectures where the professor spends more time talking about Darfur than World War II, but except for Pat, when is the last time any of us has spent any time with O'Brad? Needless to say, the professor is absolutely nuts. The midterm is due on one's birthday, every assignment is optional but the final, they can only help your grade, and above all, there is the small arms demonstration in late September. Basically, he thought it is a good idea that his students should have some idea what it is like to actually fire the guns that were used in WWII. (We mostly shot an M-1 Garand) So he got this military buff guy (like Hahn, but significantly less scary) to bring his gun collection and give us a demonstration. Then he cooked us turkey. Oh yeah, he also had us shoot at water jugs with pictures of Omar al-Bashir (the ruler of Sudan) on them, and he videotaped it, and is going to put the video on the web, or something... not quite sure... but a little creeped out by it... Oh well, it was fun, even if I do get assasinated by the Sudanese government.

PS: You know what this means, don't you? Y'all have to transfer to Cornell and take this class.

PSS: The rest of the pictures are on facebook. There are some good ones I didn't post here.


Nancy said...

doug, your school is insane

Misha said... dream class

Scott said...

I thought I knew fear. Then I imagined Misha with weaponry.

X said...

hehe, misha with weaponry...wait, Oh God!