Thursday, November 30, 2006

Breakfast of Champions

I read this book in about 36 hours. I'm not saying that to be impressive, its a short book replete with sketches. But it ate me alive like nothing has since Slaughterhouse-Five this summer. Since I picked it up, I have avoided all work, skipped a biology lab, and was thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. I just saw a clip of Vonnegut on the Jon Stewart show. He has a new book out and is still is not missing a beat. I don't know much about the man factually, but I feel like I understand him very well from the way he writes. This book is him, poured out, to the point where he literally writes himself in near the end. I did a little research and it turns out this is the book he created after he wrote Slaughterhouse-Five and said he would never write a book again. Shakeer or Ian could tell you more. A plot summary would have very limited worth. This is an anti-novel. Vonnegut tears down everything and then for a moment he puts it back together -such a moment!- and it echoes on until the end, where he just shatters it. I'm reeling.

I know I wasn't the same after Slaughterhouse-Five. Its Top Five for me. I think its perfect. This book might not be perfect, but it will take six or seven hours of your time and that my friends is a worthwhile investment. You might be offended at some points, you'll surely feel fucking awful for much of it, but its absolutely worth it. Now I have Cat's Cradle and Welcome to the Monkey House for this weekend.

Rating (the act of rating this is a sin I'm very certain, especially with our system. Wait, he'd actually like the system):

Say it!

Now read it.


imac said...

I love Vonnegut.

Shakeer said...

tell me what other Vonnegut you've read, because I think Breakfast is Champions is best once you've read most of his other books (which I hadn't)

Ben said...

After this I read Cat's Cradle. I checked out Welcome to the Monkeyhouse but unfortunately left it on my desk back at school.