Saturday, November 04, 2006

I woke up this morning and rolled over and looked down off my lofted bed to see a bald man wearing gloves hunched down looking for something on the ground. He turned around and left my room and I didn't get to see his faced which probably wouldn't have helped anyway without my contacts. I thought about getting up and going after the guy, but I went back to sleep.

Yeah so now I think I have a Lex Luthor and may have narrowly avoided death, or at least getting my football tickets stolen.


Scott said...

Between this and the radio station guy, your encounters with older men are growing stranger and stranger.

Misha said...

hmmm, death or getting your tickets stolen...which is worse?

you know, i had a similar situation. only it was halloween and it was just a mask of an old, chinese man on the floor. so, nothing like your story, actually. but i was still kinda scared for a bit.

Cynda said...

When I was little Dylan had this dummy that was really really creep know the kind ventriloquists use...anyway one night when me and one of my friends were having a sleepover dylan set the dummy up (who by the way he had name lester the molester) in a chair so it was staring at us in bed and then he set up all of my stuffed animals behind lester so they were all staring at us. Needless to say when my friend and I woke up we started screaming until we realized it was just lester then we went to find my brother and kill him. To this day dummies scare the crap out of me, especially ones named lester....because there are so many!

I guess that really is nothing at all like having a real life bald stranger in your room...I mean lester at least had hair.