Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Omega Has Invaded MySpace

Hello all, its been quite some time since my last post here, and I know most of you are probably grateful for that. However... ("here he goes again.") A variety of things have been happening, that I'm sure none of you are interested so I wont bother mentioning them (visit Xan Directive if you are interested for some odd reason). Halloween came and went and Shawn and I (code band name: Tastee Fish!) were unable to release our newest song onto myspace in time for the creepy holiday. The song as you should hopefully guess from the headline is based off of my book(s) Omega, more specificly the last two posts of Omgea Zero (my blog based off Omega that has got me into trouble here before, but thats water under the bridge or whereever you want it).

The song "The Ballad of the Sekti" deviates from Tastee Fish!'s previous release "Tommy" which I know some of you have heard, and steps away from the comedic & completely inappropriate and takes on a new Dark & Creepy feel. That is why we were hopeing to release it close to Halloween, but as it is--I was busy fighting Ninjas (see related post on Xan Directive). So here it is finally.

As of right now at this exact moment for somereason or another "Ballad of the Sekti" is not wanting to completely load on the Tastee Fish! profile but it does play as soon as it is added as someones profile song. We are attempting to figure out why and correct the problem, so forgive me if you visit and it is not playing. It can be heard on my profile which is linked on the Tastee Fish! profile as well. And Tommy is having no problems if you have not yet heard this (just don't play it around your little sister).

I hope eveyone gets a chance to enjoy it, both Shawn and I put in a lot of hard work into this trying to make it as creepy and enjoyable as possible, so please do just that...enjoy.



X said...

okay, so The Ballad of the Sekti is working perfectly fine, no problems so far. one person commented that it was hard to understand, but that was because she was listening to it on perhaps the worst speakers ever created by man. so yeah, enjoy.

Chuck said...

Thanks Alex, and the best of luck with your work.