Wednesday, December 06, 2006


If any film yet this year has the chance to emerge, years from now, as a cult classic discovered only on DVD by those unlucky enough to witness its glory on the big screen during its brief theatrical run, that movie would be TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY. Snakes on a Plane was, in the end, too much the public's cult film...a cult film for those who have never truly been a part of a small group rallying around a film nobody could ever appreciate but them, but desperate to ironically latch onto what they assumed everyone regarded as a massive joke.

But THE PICK OF DESTINY is the real thing.

It's nonstop rock (nay, RAWK!) from the start to the finish at its 93-minute mark. It's a stoner comedy that blasted Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell all night long while barreling down road at 120 miles per hour and lived to tell the tale.

The central yarn revolves Jack Black and Kyle Gass' quest to find the mythical pick of destiny, which would allow them to rock as hard as the legends and thus pay their rent. There's a kick-ass break-in scene, an awesome car chase, and a showdown with the devil himself (played by non other than Foo Fighter's leading man David Grohl). It's a funny movie, but only a comedy by default. It is, above all else...a ROCK movie.

It you love rock n' roll (and by rock I mean ROCK...I'm talkin' Queen, Dio, Zeppelin, Meat Loaf, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Guns n' Roses, KISS, AC/DC), THE PICK OF DESTINY was crafted in the fires of Hell for you and your legions. Go...and know its glory.

Also, any movie that has Meat Loaf in it is automatically in the running for greatest motion picture of all time.


Ben said...

i woulda thought they could find someone better than grohl for the devil. i mean, i know he's tall and was in nirvana, but foo fighters are basically a pop band. i would grabbed someone like Keith Richards

Scott said...

True that Grohl isn't the most representative of all that is rock, but 1) you can't tell it's him, 2) he's really good friends with Jack Black and Kyle Gass, and 3) he makes an awesome Satan.