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These French Canadians:

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After a short intro, Malajube hits you with "Montréal -40°C", a song that goes from dance to twee to some delicious combo. "Pâte Filo" is great energetic pop followed by "Le Crabe", by which point you wonder if Malajube has discovered a melody mine where they go, dig these suckers up, and then proceed to stuff like ten in per song, like they don't plan to make another album. "La Monogamie" is another strong cut, followed by "Ton Plat Favori" which is the soundtrack to going to the carnival on uppers I think.

They start to lose a little creativity (but never spunk) on "La Russe" and "Fille À Plumes", after which the record takes a decidedly different turn. "Casse-Cou" alternates between calm pop and metal freakout, setting you up for my favorite track on the record, "Étienne D'août". I guess the band found one hook they could all agree on -and you'll hear why- and built a five and a half minute song around it. It rises and falls beautifully, and in general reminds me Slowdive. This should have been the end of the album (which would make it a concise 35 minutes, just about right for a pop album) but they tack on "St-Fortunat", a throwaway, and "La Fin", almost eleven minutes long-45 seconds of instrumental, eight minutes of silence-and a nice little minute and a half of a sketch of a song. Pointless and stupid.

So if you want some energetic disco rock where you never know what's coming next (e.g. they actually try rapping at one point), or just want to hear men singing in French (you know who you are), there are a few of the songs in the link, as well as some that aren't on this album (their first). If you're a big Unicorns/Islands fan, give it a shot.

Rating: mMGravy

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