Friday, August 24, 2007

By no means a complete list but whatever

Cover 6 on that page just looks really wrong.

Top Five Superman(post 1987) Covers:

1: 75

2: 204

3: 120

4: 160

5: 44

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Shaky Hands: Live/Self-Titled

Alright, I shoulda got some pictures sorry. The Shaky Hands were Willy Week's new band of the year, and they had a Pfork review, so they were on my periphery but I hadn't gotten a chance to hear them. So Ian, Cynda, and Doug joined me under the westward on-ramp of the Hawthorne Bridge to check them out on Sunday of PDX Pop Now!

The two guitars, two percussionists, and bassist of The Shaky Hands played a fast, rhythm-heavy five songs that seemed interchangeable in their mod-surf approach, slowed down for one weak song, and then played a Holy Jesus of a Zeppelin-fronted-by-Tom Waits doozy to kick us in the ass on our way out. The crowd was Crystal-sized and mostly dug it. Though the lead singer to audience back to lead singer banter was painful to witness. Very good, short and FREE set. Only here.

PS: We didn't stay the two hours for Blitzen Trapper like originally planned. The new venue on 3rd and Madison, Audecity or something, is pretty sweet. No Loveland, but hey.

Rating: MmGravy-mMmGravy

Anyway, I had been more than a little excited for another Portland band to hit it big and my hopes weren't quite met by a huge outpouring of originality, so I rushed home to grab their new, self-titled album (from emusic you cynics) to figure these guys out. While I waited on my irritatingly slow DSL, I loaded up the aforementioned review, and saw a pretty different take on the band. More laidback folky, apparantly. Not all their songs had enormous beats, evidently. Weren't even all plugged in. A couple flutes and violins lightly interspersed. Was this the same band?

Their Beach Boys-meets-garage earnestness was refreshing on that warm summer night, but on the source material, the songs are peeled back and show a band with legs to stand on, and a future beyond openings for mid-level indies. "The Sleepless" and "Summer's LIfe" are just perfect, in their own poppy right, and are basically Ben's Own Mixtape Fodder. "I'm Alive," "Sunburns," and "We Will Rise" are really good short happy little jams. Even the sad ones are just lightly bittersweet, and mostly hopeful. Just right for the last weeks we have. Of this summer at least.

RIYL (In decreasing order of relevance, as always): Rogue Wave, Peter and the Wolf, Fruit Bats, Johnny and the Moon, The Robot Ate Me, Danielson, M. Ward, Sufjan, feedback-less Yo La Tengo songs, The Shins, The Decemberists, Califone, The Magnetic Fields

Rating: mMmGravy

Hit me or Ian up and we'll burn you a copy.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Party at John's is now on Friday!

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Friday, August 10th

We're grilling burgers, bring snacks or desserts.
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