Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mmm... gravy!

I find it a travesty that in the entire history of this blog (which claims to be all about the gravy), there has not been a single post that I can recally which is dedicated to the substance. THAT CHANGES NOW!

College has taught me the proper way to begin any important scholarly essay. It goes like this:

According to Wikipedia, "Gravy is a type of sauce, an old traditional English recipe, usually made from the juices that naturally run from meat or vegetables during cooking. Ready made cubes and powders can also be used as a substitute for natural meat or vegetable extracts. Canned gravys are also available. Gravy is commonly served with a roast dinner, Sunday roasts, meatloaf, rice, or with mashed or other popular types of potato dishes." FASCINATING.

You must end your introduction with the word "FASCINATING" or no one will know how important your Wikipedia quote is. It's very important. Are you paying attention? No, you're probably on another tab in Internet Explorer, looking for porn or maybe a wonderful pie recipie (porn). Or maybe how to spell the word "recipie." That's probably not right. Oh well, too lazy to fix that. Anyhoo, back to gravy.

GRAVY. And some meat, but who cares about that?

Gravy is a healthy animal byproduct! The internet tells me that there are 38 calories per cup of gravy, and that it is in fact a source of calcium, Vitamin A, and iron. We should just grind up animals and send them to third world nations in the form of gravy. World hunger: fixed! Now on to something more important, like what happens when you run out of ideas for an essay on gravy and Google "gravy disaster."

The answer to that ages-old riddle is that you get an article from the London Independent called "On the gravy train to disaster." Much to my chagrin, it's not about gravy, nor is it about trains. I think it's about rugby, but really I was too lazy to read it.

Okay, I think I'm done here. Really, there's not much to write about gravy. Oh well, I think I'll just post this now... ooh, there's this new thing where you can label your post for easy categorization. It's suggesting "scooters, vacation, fall." Sounds relevant to me! Thanks Blogspot!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the subject of politics..

This was a cartoon from an old Newsweek magazine that I can't stop chuckling at.
Obama really does look like Tigger don't you think?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Empty Walls

Hey so I caught this video on VH1 this morning. Its the dude from System of a Down. I'm more of a Rage guy, but they're gone and I don't think System gets enough credit. Anyway, I just thought it was really interesting and possibly kind of exploitive. Serj is trying to create some controversy, and since I agree with him, I will help wholeheartedly.

The colors are amazing on the real video, so you should try to catch that.

Post script
Yeah, they're back

Post post script
'Empty walls' is either the most idiotic phrase ever, or the second most poetic. After 'cellar door' of course.

{Edit} Favorite part is definitely when the kids pull down Teddy Saddam

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Booo tonsils!

It's true, Karolyn and her tonsils have had a falling out of sorts...(something about getting strep throat eight or nine times these past twelve months can do that...)

So, Karolyn is getting her tonsils removed tomorrow (Monday) around 7:30am and won't be waking up until around 3pm! W00t drug induced nap!

So keep her in your thoughts...especially since she can no longer speak in first person...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

shift happens?

i just got an email from one of my old professors with the link to this video/slide show thing. it's one of them pseudo-apocalyptic "be very afraid" kind of things but there might be some truth to it, i dunno... i'm really curious as to what people think. is it just a bunch of over-hyped exaggerations? half-truths? communist propaganda? or does it scare the bajeezus outta you?

i got two things out of it, really: one - the chinese will take over the world (damn, nancy was right!) but only until our computers outsmart us and make us their slaves, and two - if half of what i've learned so far in college is already outdated, i feel real good about all those thousands of dollars i've blown on my education thus far. just one more reason to ditch school and be a bum, right? (i should really try that one on my parents.)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Baby(ies)!

I probably should have posted these pictures months ago, but oh well, some before and after pictures. You might not be able to tell really well, but the rabbit has gotten bigger, and slightly less cute. Her name is Coconut, Coco for short. My roommate and I got her for $40 from a sketchy pet store a few blocks from campus.


Coco with my other (crankier) baby, Potato


Some things don't change.

Bath time!

(I should be studying for my final tomorrow)

Disney Princesses, BEWARE!

Check out this *guy*:


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ice blocking!

i don't remember who told me about ice blocking but i thought they made it up. apparently i was wrong... sliding down on a hill on a block of ice is a somewhat popular pastime for people with nothing else to do (or those looking for new ways to potentially injure themselves)... it's got its own wikipedia page and everything (and rules?). it seems pretty genius to me... this may actually work better in warmer weather, i don't know, but i feel like this is something that needs to happen this winter break. so i'm gonna try freezing some ice blocks, who wants one?

figure 1. advanced moves in ice blocking: the superman. [source]

Monday, December 10, 2007

an ode to gravy.

hey gravy. let's talk.

you know, this is a great blog. there've been 885 entries since the first post over three years ago. and in it's early stages, there were as many as seven or eight posts in a single day. i did some quick research on blogging statistics and in comparison with the rest of the blog world, i'd say we made it pretty damn far.

and now... well, scott kind of summed it up. he's basically been the only one posting for the past few months, comments are kind of sparse, all the links are dead in the "our pictures" category over in the sidebar, and scott's is the only blog linked that's actually been posted on in the past year. maybe he's right in saying that it's on its way out. but the gravy's been my home page for the past few years and even though i was one of the last to become a contributor (and then didn't even contribute much at all), i've gotten kind of attached to this blog, and i don't wanna see it die.

you guys all know why the gravy's so great... look left at that long list of people. remember when we all went to the same school? i've read almost every post, every comment, and there were some pretty great ones. remember when mr. lum had a thing for pat? how about that infamous "conversations in ethics" post with its record 64 comments? and alright, i'll admit i may have skipped over a few of pat and ian's sports posts and some of that political nonsense, but i know that stuff had plenty of other readers more sophisticated than i. we had all kinds of amusing posts... jog your memory, here's a select few: patrick schneider's "feeling dirty," ben's "declaration," adrianna's "an ode to jim cantore, weather channel badass," pat's "lots of pressure," doug douganna(?)'s "price tag," and rachel's "haha, 'cock sandwich'." hey, and whatever happened to man's club? and the liberty party? what about them memories, huh? (see ben's "good times, if you forget all the crap")

i'm prolly just overly sentimental, still clinging to the hope that we'll all eventually reunite to start a crazy band or one day pile into nancy's family wagon on an epic road trip. i'm still waiting for the day the outsiders sees its first baby pictures. (a new generation!) but really, i like reading about what you guys are up to and laughing at your terrible puns. and hey, i'll find stuff to write about. so just write something - anything - and post it for god's sake. (c'mon, i know you all lead more interesting lives than i do. or at least you know of a few ridiculous youtube videos.)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Goodbye to Romance

In September of 2004, I posted my first piece of movie writing here. I’d posted some political stuff, and I’d done reviews at the long-defunct Viper Studios before that, but writing about movies here really got me going. And now, go figure, that’s what I want to do with my life. As a part of that, I knew eventually I’d have to be done with The Outsiders Looking In (or the Horsemen of the Status Quo as it was in the day). Didn’t think it would come this soon, though.

That’s the new site. All my new reviews (including, yes, my semi-full thoughts on No Country for Old Men), some news, some essays and longer articles. Plus a ton of writing from some really great, talented people.

I could still post my writing here, and I went back and forth for a long time trying to decide how exactly to handle the transition, especially since this blog is such a shell of what it used to be and I didn’t want to be part of the problem. I’m quite stubborn like that. I thought about posting my stuff here as well as at Megazine, but in the end I decided that’d make it too much about me and I really want Megazine to succeed, and hopefully this way you guys will happen upon some of the other awesome stuff that is and will be.

So my compromise is, at least for now, with every new review I post at Megazine, I’ll post the title here with a link to the main site. The site’s organized in such a way that the most recent posts are at the top, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

So yeah. Another nail in the coffin of this place, but I guess it’s been on its way out for some time now, and we’re really just in the last throws. I’m really, really glad I had this forum though, for the time I had it. Take it easy, and keep reading and replying. That way when we’re huge you can say “I was there when.”

P.S. The site's in "soft launch" right now, so any feedback you can give on content, ease of use, and design will be hugely appreciated. We need all the help we can get.