Saturday, February 28, 2009

One of My Favorites Too

My brothers and I watched Conan nearly every night in the summer. Half the time it was repeats from February, but it didn't really matter. Just hope it doesn't change too much. They're bringing back Andy Richter as the announcer, which is exciting because I think most of us weren't watching back when Andy was the sidekick.

Michael Cera just got on board with the Arrested Development movie, and he was the last piece in the puzzle so hopefully that will start production soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Gaslight Anthem Up Now

First album:

Last five tracks are all killer, as is 'We Came to Dance'

Between Album EP:

Good, but no real stand-out tracks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Name is Potato

Remember when we had that potato blog?

Lost In Reflections

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Lost In Reflections

I realize that not everyone is into ambient/experimental stuff but you should give Lost In Reflections a try. I actually thought it was pretty accessible, especially if you enjoy post-rock. Hell, they're even named like a post-rock band. There isn't much that jumps out at you but it's kind of haunting. Like a ghost that's been stuck in a house by itself for centuries and now it's finally letting it all out.

If you don't want to go through the full album, I recommend starting with What I Wouldn't Give To Feel Alive (track 3) which sounds kinda like Califone collaborating with Explosions In The Sky.

Rating: MMmGravy (85%)

The fifth track was too big for gmail so it isn't up there

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I dug it


You know he and Sergio would've done it in one try. Though I do love Pau's reaction.

Another thing I loved: the Martin jersey on the earlier dunk.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The '59 Sound

Just uploaded The Gaslight Anthem and their The '59 Sound-

A couple years ago, this would have been the kind of pick I feel like I would have to defend. These guys are very not cool in the traditional way bands and musicians are cool. But they're sort of aware of it, which allows them to play jubliant tribute to a youth with a New Jersey soundtrack. This is their second album and it sneaked by without much attention in mid-December, but I'm not sure it would have really gotten a ton of hipsterblog buzz anyway, seeing as how its a pop-punk take on Bruce Springsteen with the same awkward earnestness that graced the Boss's first three records. had a short interview about their patron saint with lead singer Brian Fallon that says more than I could:

Soundtrack to: Scott driving, A walking, senior year Magda, Ian when he's telling you a story, me riding my bike late to class.
Rating: mMMmGravy

One of the reasons I like a lot is because it kinda gives me a pulse on how much people actually like a band versus how much buzz they are getting. With 'The '59 Sound, one of Pitchfork's senior guys had the guts to give it an 86%, which would ordinarily earn it a 'Best New Music', or at least a 'Recommended,' but instead the editors withheld that (and the bump it would give) and buried the album as the fourth or fifth of the five daily reviews. But if I'm doing my math right, the playcounts show, on average, every Gaslight Anthem listener has listened to about 50 of their songs, whereas most buzzed bands see about 10 listens per listener. So clearly something hooks people about these guys and their honesty. If I remade my 'Top 5 Bands I Wished I Was In,' they would be in there.

I just yesterday got my hands on their first album and their EP, which are both very good also, a little bit more raw. If anybody wants I can post those too.