Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mount Eerie

If the Moses of Northwest music is Calvin Johnson, then the Joshua leading us into the promised land is Phil Elverum, the man behind The Microphones and Mount Eerie. His work is (inconsistently) brilliant, and when its on you are listening to some of the truest distillation of place and person ever put to wax. Nothing I've ever listened to reminds me of home as much. If Iron&Wine is the gothic south, then Phil represents the moss-shaggy old/young Pacific Northwest. I haven't connected with his latest work as much- experimenting with metal will do that to me- but with this quiet and humble little release, Lost Wisdom, he snagged me back. While he normally works solo, this one comes from a short and sweet collaboration with K records vet Julie Doidron- her assured voice does a lot to balance out his own- and borrowing smalltown hero Fred Squire on guitar, who seems to be channelling early Crazy Horse if Danny Whitten was trying to lull a baby to sleep- same style, different volume. It was released late in the 2008 game and got virtually no love on the yearsend lists, but because its probably Phil's shortest full-length release (and its start-to-finish great) I think it would be a great intro to one of the most interesting and idiosyncatic guys out there. Longtime fans should catch a few returning lyrical motifs, but I've never heard a prettier set of words from him than in You Swan Go On, unless its when Phil lets his favorite singer Julie take If We Knew... somewhere even he couldn't.


Sunday, March 08, 2009


Oh hell yes!
An update for all y'all (aka, more bragging):

I got an assistantship/internship at CSU as well!

I'll be an Assistant Resident Director in one of the dorms on campus
What does that entail, you say?

It means I get a completely furnished apartment, at no cost! -no utilities, nada
I get to have an "adult guest" live with me as I'm taking the Norwegian with me!
I get meals on campus for free, as does my "adult guest"
I get all of my out-of-state tuition for free
And on top of it all, I get a stipend! (might help with paying for my own insurance...)

So yeah, I got even more than a free ride...and that's flipping sweet

...just had to brag

OH! And I'll be moving to Colorado in late June or early July, so we need to have some sort of shindig before then so I can see all of your beautiful faces!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Karolyn is going to Colorado

That's right. This Summer I'm heading off to Colorado State University (one of the top schools in the nation for this program) in Fort Collins to get my masters in Student Affairs. Yay, more school! wait what?

If y'all don't mind a few lines of bragging:

Out of 196 applicants,
only 40 of us were invited to interview on-campus...
for only 20 spots,
one of which is mine now!

Just thought I'd share the HUGE news.

p.s. Screw bottled water. Unless you live somewhere where the drinking fountain water is definitely not clear (aka anywhere other than the west). Woohoo fluoride!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Scott Wuz Right

"Coca-Cola of Oregon plans to bottle the Willamette under its Dasani label with a $35 million expansion of its bottling plant in Wilsonville. 'It was a viable source of water,' says Mike Greene, district manager for Veolia Water North America, which operates the plant. 'A very high quality source.'" -The Oregonian

Dasani is the bar skank of bottled waters.

The most amazing thing

Ben, I'm sorry to steal your top post thunder but--

No. No I will not apologize for this. For last night I found the most amazing things, the holy grail of cool shit, in a suburb of Chicago of all places. The picture must be shown.

That's right. That's a claw machine. Full of live lobsters. And if you grab a lobster they will cook it for you. Unfortunately, despite spending like 12 bucks on this machine I didn't get a lobster. I grabbed one, but once it got out of the water it was all like "screw this" and ran out of the claw.