Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Potluck

EDIT: Ok since no one really came up with a time I'm going to say 2pm Friday at our place. Call or text me and let me know if that works for you and what you want to bring. It goes without saying but all boy/girlfriends are welcome.

I don't know who will be in town but I was thinking we should all get together for a potluck. Maybe the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving? Anyone interested?

ps the last few days during lunch i watched Andy Barker, P.I. which was one of Andy Richter's two failed sitcoms. the whole thing (6 episodes) is on Hulu and Buster from A.D. is on it and like the best part. anyway, i guess i shouldn't feel bad for a guy who's on the tonight show every night, but he's definitely funny enough not to have to be the sidekick all his life. that said, i wish i was around when he was on Late Night.

Friday, November 13, 2009