Thursday, December 31, 2009

favorite album of the year

since i ceased to be a music director, i have really fallen off with what i should be listening to, and montana didn't help. i listened to grizzbear once, on laptop speakers, and animal collective nonce-not once, don't use it-(ok, 'my girls' once) and dirty pros? naw. [phoenix:please don't steal my gf] sooo....the only album from 2009 that i need to big-up is Dinosaur Jr.'s Farm.

i'm not even sure if any of you dig Dino J but i just gotta throw this up there because this is my fortress of solitude, these are the best Mascis tracks maybe ever, its like fucking comfy battle armor, sweet but true and hard. his lyrics are as impossible to parse as ever, he's singing to some girl he misses that he probably never had-thank you J- and his solos, jesus, well he's certainly put up the greatest lead guitar of the last few years and he's making the case for best of the last quarter century. the intuition is unreal. this is the high and lonesome sound brought to now, not some cheesy-ass alt-country-folk horseshit but the sound those MFs woulda REALLY put out if they were around right now. lesson #1: you can fake it when the kids are faking it too. you can't when they're not. not for long.

the only weak part of the album is Lou's tracks, which is a damn shame cuz he put up some fine ones on the last album Beyond. he adds this dark paranoid element that Dino needs, but these are 2nd tier. that said, i love the guy and if you haven't, listen to 'Truly Great Thing' because it is one of the greatest love songs.

Runner-up:: Gaslight Anthem. released at the tail end of 2008, got listened to at least 50 times, never fails to make me feel like a world-beater, this band honestly made me consider sending fan mail. number one if it actually released in '09.

Honorable Mention: Paper Trail (minus"porn star") fuck i love me some TI. yes, well aware that this makes me even whiter. also did not release in '09. did i mention how lazy i am?

Nurses: Apple's Acre--maybe the best PDX release of the year. nix on the maybe

A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Ashes Grammar--i am not worthy

Volcano Choir:Unmap--BROSEPH Justin. i dug you before these posers. I dig you more than these posers. keep it up you fucking baller.

The Very Best: not as good as the mixtape, but still Jubliant, Defiant, Life-Affirming stuff that makes me get up, smell the coffee and give thanks

Califone: All My Friends are funeral singers--they could be kings. they could have been kings.

Mount Eerie: Wind's Poem--fuck yes more please

Yo La Tengo: Popular Songs--shine on you crazy fuckers

Memory Tapes--i dig, against my better judgie.

Fuck Buttons: Tarot Sport--really really don't want to like these guys. really really do.

The Low Anthem-- fuck i hate it when FlabbyWhiteGuy stuff is actually good. you would srsly put all those other TEA&SCARVES fucks to utter shame if you had chosen a better album title. really, nearly anything woulda been better. call me. inscrutable is my middle name. (David, fyi)

Akron/Family: Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free-- minus some wankery, this coulda been a stonecold Classic.

Pains of Being Pure of Heart: DEAR GOOD BANDS, PLZZZZZ (if you are good) move the fuck out of brooklyn. seriously. i shouldn't instinctively want to hate you this much. also, do you need a harmonica player? i think you do. ttyl

ps recommendations welcome, still playing major catch-up.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

latourell falls/twitter CONTROVERSY

the person who stole gentleben on twitter has 4 tweets, all from early last year:


I just found out the new Indiana Jones might feature aliens. Fuck my life.
11:58 AM May 14th, 2008 from web

I hate paying rent. It's thundering and I enjoy it. I'm tired.
4:21 AM May 7th, 2008 from web

Woo! Woo. woo. w. oo. Drunk. only one person reads this.
10:55 PM May 5th, 2008 from web

Criminal law is for assholes.
11:21 PM May 3rd, 2008 from web

can i petition that he is stripped of his username?

also, it turns out the other Wieden+Kennedy ad spot for Levi's is shot in and around portland. been playing a lot lately. still trying to figure out if the reservoir shot is Mt Tabor or Washington park.

the waterfall/bridge is a hike just a abit up 84, i was thinking that we could give it a go if some people are sticking around for awhile after Christmas. pretty short one, so we won't get snowed in and have to cuddle with doug for warmth. or cut him open with our lightsabers and hide inside

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

I didn't get any autographs so I thought this would be the next best thing.

Look at how close I am to Conan!
Yep, I'm sitting right there.

The show was so awesome!!! I was so impressed by how professional and smoothly run it was despite them trying to make it look spontaneous. Also, the studio is so small! They do some crazy camera magic to make it look huge.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

right across the way from Kazakstan's best fucking banana salesman!

i'm pretty amazed at Paste's grasp of the trends, since they picked She & Him as last year's best album.


in production for britain's Channel 4. i hope the limeys treat it better than we treated arrested development
Goddammit Beavers.

That is all.