Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Things That Suck and Two Things That Rock

hey, um, American Apparel? mind your own fucking business, mmmkay? some of us have sad, ramen-filled lives. we need this.

no just kidding. i mean, i do have a sad ramen-filled life, but i semi-applaud (yep, i can applaud one-handed, fuck you ZEN) the effort. though i think its gonna reach a natural saturation point...right?...and Uggs, right?....this all has to end eventually, right???

So they are replacing the other, lesser, 7UP sign, the one on 12th and NE Sandy. this blows. There used to be another one right off I-84 at 39th or so. they were dignified and beautiful and made me irrationally loyal to 7UP even though Sierra Mist is better. my childhood is disappearing before my eyes. my digital yet weeping eyes. at least its not another ugly Budweiser sign.

Two shows that have gotten me thru the last couple weeks (damn you olympics/NBC!)
and they've both been picked up for second seasons. so you should catch up so we can have inside jokes. like Tastyface

ARCHER is a spy-spoof, which normally i don't go for cuz 85% of spy stuff IS spoof, so its y'know well-trodden ground. but this stuff is pretty great and really offensive and the main spy is basically Pat if Pat was drunk all the time.

its getting slowly rolled out on Hulu.

PARTY DOWN features Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, and lots of guest stars from Veronica Mars cuz Rob Thomas makes it. awesome. its more dark and not as laugh-out-loud, but yeah the characters are all pretty round/great and its definitely relatable to those of us in the business of being fuck-ups.

so far I think you can only catch up on Netflix Instant Watch aka The Best Thing Ever aka The Beginning of the End

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taylor Swift, Everybody

yeah, I kinda already hated on her over on my blog, so my hate reserves are running low, just want to point out this hilarious article and mention that she went to high school for one fucking year.

ps that's as small as i can make it without exerting additional effort

Monday, February 01, 2010

Favorite Film of 2009

While Ben actually had a jump on things and posted his favorite album at the end of the year, I used January to play catch-up on some films I missed throughout 2009, as well as some that were still coming to Portland. And while I know you guys listen to a lot more music than watch movies, well...what the hell.

Fantastic Mr. Fox was, by a nose, my absolute favorite film of 2009. And, to pimp my own stuff for a second, here's what I wrote on my blog, which includes the rest of my Top Ten (it's not all artsy shit, either, though there's plenty of that).

Yeah, still working on how to describe how truly wonderful this movie is. If directing can be defined as making a million small decisions that somehow add up to a cohesive, artful whole, one COULD make the argument that Wes Anderson is the best director of the year. By building a certain folk-American tradition into Roald Dahl's British novel, rolling his own eccentricities and concerns into it, making (by modern standards) outrageous demands on his animation team - real fur, no CGI influence, 12 frames per second instead of 24, and casting the film to perfection whether that means an A-list actor (giving one of his best performances, as it turns out) or his close friends (or people who fall into both categories), Wes Anderson has truly crafted a film within an inch of its life that feels at once effortless and like a tremendous undertaking. It's as breathtaking as it is an absolute joy. I couldn't ask for more from a film. Oh, and you wrote a bad song, Petey.