Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things I learned in college

-Everything tastes better with beer (especially crappier beer)
-Milwaukee is actually a pretty sweet town if you're over 21 and it's summer. Otherwise you've got to be a bit creative
-Baseball games are just an excuse to yell at people for 3-4 hours
-You can leave a Papa John's pizza out for three days and it'll still be edible, just a little mummified
-When your concrete canoe collides with Notre Dame's concrete canoe (which had a statue of Mary on its bow, like a goddamn Jesus pirate ship or something), God will not let you win that one
-Along those same lines, don't apply concrete sealer to your canoe in a building full of medical clinics. You'll get some public safety complaints. "High VOC's." Whatever, suck it up sick people.
-The best way to remove a 300-pound, 20-foot long canoe from your lab is through a window
-Never, EVER, under any circumstances, play wine pong. Ever.
-If you throw a rotten pumpkin out of a window, make sure nobody's watching
-Same goes for sandwiches, unless someone's trying to catch the sandwich. They should probably watch for it.
-Tetanus shots are good for like 7 years, right?
-The maximum number of Chipotle burritos one human being can eat at a time is 3
-The maximum number of Chipotle burritos one human being can keep down at a time is somewhat less than 3
-When you're riding in someone's trunk, make sure you set down ground rules before hand that stipulate "no donuts"
-City league kickball is serious business
-Scurvy is avoidable
-Don't shout "oh shit" and wave your arms. It will only encourage the herd of cows to come your way
-Don't e-mail your mentor repeatedly about a project when you're on pain meds post wisdom tooth removal. It will not end well.
-If you're climbing an active volcano and your guide starts running, you should probably start running too

Please add your wisdom to the list. Yay graduation.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best of 3

That's what we got left. I really don't think enough has been written about these blazers. About how they're a joy to watch, they do everything the right way and the never complain. I don't know how many of you follow the nba, but complaining has become the norm. Whenever something doesn't go right it's either the refs, injury's, or some other pathetic excuse. Not your Trail Blazers. B-Roy goes down, they go out and win game one. No excuses. The game tonight was one of the most fun games I ever watched. B-Roy was at maybe 50 percent. He just had surgery that would put all of us out for a month, he was playing a professional basketball game in eight days. Was it his best game, no. But the lift he gave to the crowd and the team is immeasurable. Not to mention the room he made for LA. And I think this was his coming out game. Blazers are paying him big money because they believe in him. And tonight, he showed why. When that outside jumper is hitting, he's unstoppable. Think Rasheed Wallace, except he has a good attitude and know how to use his strengths. But B-Roy played tonight like he needs to play for the blazers to win this series. Let the game come to him and then take over in the fourth. Exactly what he did tonight. And kudos to the Portland crowd as well. There's a reason all the calls went Portland's way in the fourth. So good for the crowd. This thing's definitely going seven, unless Portland can end it in six. But I go back to my first point, this team is fun to watch. Batum, finally showing a tougher side, shoving Amare. I loved it. Sure, it cost us a point, but it showed that we will not be pushed around and dominated. Just think about it, if we get by Phoenix it's either Spurs or Mavericks, two teams we dominated this year. Think big, Portland fans. And that's who it rests on. The fans. Can't have another performance like game 3. Can't lose another home court game. Need to intimidate the refs, make them scared to call a foul on the blazers. It's a three game series. With B-Roy back and LA finally breaking through, I'll be disappointed if we don't advance. High expectations, yes. But after watching this team all year, how could have anything but?

Friday, April 09, 2010

the only Momversation I want is Jolene asking me how I like my eggs


my first WSND project freshman year. was originally supposed to say "Got a face for radio?" but that got shot down. kind of a redundant question anyway. at Notre Dame, everybody has a face for radio. except Brady "the Bronco" Quinn. and Steph I guess. miss you Brady!

Monday, April 05, 2010