Saturday, July 03, 2010


Nay! We are enemies!

Douglas and I are in a mileage battle, 25 weeks, from now until Christmas Eve. The loser faces a lifetime of humiliation and ridicule. The winner gets a keg of his choosing. Truly stakes have never been higher.

You are either with me (and, by extension, on Team Jacob)
or with DOUGGLES (and Team Edward/Chris Dodd)

I am the bad guy. Just in case the picture didn't make it clear. And since this is real life, the bad guy will win. and enjoy his frothy prizes. FROTHY PRIZES I TELL YOU!

If you want to share in MY FROTHY PRIZES you should join team ben/jacob and try to trip doug for me when he goes on jogs. and steal his bananas. that would be helpful too. oooh and send him delicious cheeses and scotches and such. and distract him with dvd boxsets.

I love having minions, even if they're in my head. being a supervillain is great.