Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple pie

So instead of unpacking today Ben and I made an apple pie. Ben was very helpful! At one point he climbed on the counter (which was covered in flour because I was rolling out the dough) and laid on it. I yelled "Benjamin!" and rather than Ben making any move to get off the counter he continued to roll around on the counter and exclaimed in a high pitched mocking tone "Benjamin! get down!" Then he just laughed and continued to lay face down making something akin to flour angels. Of course Ian remained sitting on the other side of the counter and laughed at me!

The pie turned out perfectly by the way. I mean if you can get past the fact that a toddler was laying on the counter before I rolled the dough out. Well, that as well as a certain someone not being able to keep his fingers out of it...and Ben wasn't much better.

I would just like to let Mike know that I spent way too much time worrying about whether I used the word lay correctly in this post and I still have no idea whether I did or didn't.

Oh and yes Pat, maybe we should have a Thanksgiving party here (even though I'm guessing you won't be here)! Will anyone be coming home for Thanksgiving?

Friday, September 24, 2010

I can't take credit for the jimmy johnson picture. That was a stroke of genius by our good friend ben vincent. I was just watching vh1's top 100 hundred artists tonight. They had elvis at number 8, prince at number 7, led zeppelin at 3 and the boss a 21!!!. If you disagree with these rankings (as i do, quite vehemently) make your voice heard. This is a travesty. Prince before the boss, and not just before the boss, but 14 spots ahead. America, stand up.

I'm also choosing to issue a challenge right now. I know many of you still frequent this blog, wondering if anything new has been posted. Well, my challenge is that every time you come to this page, you issue a post. Doesn't have to be anything. For example, "Hey, this is ian. i just moved into a new house and it's really cool. we're getting all settled in, but rest assured, this will be a party place soon enough." Ian was thinking it that but afraid to say it. So i did it for him Not the point. Just let us know you're still there. Say something, can be anything. If you want me to say it for you, i can do that. Believe me, i can put words in your mouth better than you can. But over the last month, the only posters have been myself, ben and ian. And if that's all who is reading then fine. But if not, leave a comment. Or even better, post about what's going on in your life because we want to know what you all are up to. This blog was popping during high school. Just like porch monkey, I'm bringing it back. We're all friends...lets stay that way.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello, ladies and germs, Pat Spear here with something to say. So, it's been a while since i've posted anything here, my apologies i've been a little busy. I feel especially bad about it because i know that without my postings, this blog will die faster than a child with AIDS who also contracts pneumonia.

Hey, football's back. Go ducks. We should all get a fantasy football league together for next year. If you're interested let Ben know, he's coordinating all of that. We need at least ten people, so ladies, i know you nothing about football but i don't think in our group we have ten guy friends, as sad as that is, so feel free to join and you'll just be dead weight which will make us guys feel better about ourselves (that last sentence makes me sad because i know that if the colonel were in the states he would call me on a run-on...i miss that) Colonel, come back!!!

In other news, i had my first flight the other day. I try not to be self-serving here, but it was freakin' awesome. Flew upside down for a while. Beyond that, someone else needs to get married. Quick. Weddings are a lot of fun. Only this time, whoever gets married needs to have bridesmaids that i actually have a chance of hooking up with. I'm looking at you ben, and to a lesser extent ken. I figure i'll have a couple of chances at ken's weddings. and doug, i don't care what your students say, it's just not appropriate. steer clear big tuna, head to open waters.

I don't know how many of you read ben's blog, i'm assuming it's very few, but the rumor about renting a beach house over christmas break is true. It will be for two nights sometime in between christmas and new years. Again, contact ben if you're interested. All men and women with loose morals are invited. I've agreed to provide a keg, if that sweetens the deal any.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Since we rehash this conversation so often...

My favorite part is how screwy Utah is. Apparently they can't drink Coke so its all Sprite there. Also love the stark Oregon-Cali divide. Way to fuck it up, Jackson and Josephine!

I've added Julie's movie blog over on the sidebar. Should have done it earlier, didn't really even think about it, but her piece on The Office was spot-fucking-on and amazing and should be read by everyone who cares about that show. Read That Blog