Friday, January 14, 2011

HOW TO DANCE, in 59 seconds: a brief tutorial courtesy of Pat & Ben

The guys are convinced that they won our first annual dance party throwdown. They would like to share with you a few of the moves with which they triumphed. (Well... I would like to, at least, and I have the video.)

Most of our dance-off wasn't really recorded because the camera was zoomed in pretty far (which is why you can't see much in some of the clips). Really wish I'd gotten some footage of Ian dancing to Ke$ha, or Pat dancing with his shorts hiked up to his chin, or Ben's Donkey Kong move in all its glory. It was a beautiful night.

Y'all better practice hard for next year! Natalia and I have already started a plyometrics routine in preparation.

For those of you wondering if children are in your future...

ask yourself if you are prepared for a toddler, strung out on sugar, running around your house like a wild man, smearing chocolate on your white comforter and flushing his underwear down the toilet, while your husband exclaims "I didn't think he'd actually do it."

At least one of our children can't walk yet...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

For Ian--How could you do this//to me?


Was cleaning up Mambrino, my trusty old iBook, cuz I'm thinking of putting him out to pasture, when I found this video that I don't think I'd ever seen. Pretty sure I wasn't even at this beach day. Apparently if you want to beat Magda you just need make it more than ten feet.

At first I only liked that song cuz it was goofy. But now I genuinely love it. Been singing it all day. That first drop is fucking humongous.

Everybody betrayed me, I'm fed up with this world!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mister Nate!



I so wish Fucking Nate woulda run that last play through Nic instead of "The Small One" Donkey Andre

Uncanny resemblance? Tell me I'm wrong.

On a Lighter Note:

Probably inevitable. They also got a song where they Chipmunk SuFjaN's Chicago:

Find more artists like Chiddy Bang at Myspace Music

Yup. Its good, but it might ruin the original for ya. Technology is cyclical, and now Jazzy Jeff is white. Wild. (pissed I spent an itunes card on an overhyped EP instead of this stuff) In a recession, bubblegum turns into hardtack. Or Lembas bread if I want to get real nerdy on y'all.

apparently it was on Friday Night Lights last week. You current on that Ian? That's one I realllly gotta watch.

So I'm taking the GRE soon, and a friend told me about this website FREE RICE where they quiz you on vocab (and other stuff like geography and Spanish) and for every question every question you get right they donate 10 grains of rice to people developing countries. Which adds up. I created a profile for us (same user and password as the Twitter) and earned 7000 grains on Christmas Eve while I waited for the fam to get ready for Mass. So if you are also studying for the test, or just want to bone up on your World Capitals, you should login and feed some folks. With your brain. Like they're zombies.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Year's End, Part 1 {Ten Favorite TV Shows}

***My best-of-the year posts will all be emblazoned with these pictures of Dear Leader lookings at things, cuz I feel that they convey the appropriate air of...sunglasses masking dementia. or stern interest. or both.***

A lot of the passion I used to have for (current) music has dried up in the last couple years, which sort of disturbed me, until I realized I'd just transferred much of that passion to my favorite television shows. With Netflix, Hulu, and DVDs, serialized TV is experiencing something of a golden age; not an original thought of course, but worth keeping in mind.

Top Ten for Ben

1. Community
2. 30 Rock
3. Parks & Recreation+
4. Breaking Bad
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. Terriers*
7. Mad Men
8. Archer+
9. Party Down*
10. Boardwalk Empire

+Both back mid-January. Prepare accordingly. If you haven't seen Archer, know that Dave, Ken, A, Pat, Ian and I got in a debate post-Blazer game about whether it was better than Sunny in Philly. Consensus-minus-Pat: it is.

Runner-up: Louie, brilliant, deep, unrelentingly honest, occassionally bust-a-gut funny, and kinda poorly acted. Finale is gorgeous

Honorable Mention: Glee, the most fascinating, infuriating thing on TV. Capable of so much, usually settling for so little.

I'm curious as to what everyone else is watching. As Scott has noted, there's simply too much good stuff to keep current on. Almost makes you wish for a broken leg or something, just for an excuse to catch up. That being said, you all NEED TO WATCH COMMUNITY. You will love it.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Good Luck in 2011, ya Pork Chops

Happy New Year's, from me, the Bono.

What, you want a goddamn prize?

funny animated gif

Go for a run fat-ass.