Friday, February 18, 2011

Scotty J, Hustlin a Buck

/click that link for the funniest Harry Potter shit I've seen. Imagine continuous Drunk Pat narration of the first film...\

We all knew Scott was onto bigger and better things, and now he's a goddamn professional. Keep your tabs on him on the sidebar over there. (kid's too well-mannered to self-promote so I gotta remind you.) Yidio looks especially awesome. Here's him on Black Swan and the Oscars So be a pal: page-hits (and potentially other internet things I don't understand) add up. Lord knows I keep myself in furs and pocket-snuff with this here money-printing operation.

ps Good Sir, You Seem to be Peeing Upon My Leg

Friday, February 11, 2011

Burrito/History Lesson

Top Five Lessons that Have Brought My Burrito Game Up a Level

5. ~shoulda known~ Rice is *not* optional (make it w/ chipotle sauce!))

4. Cut the fucker in half {LIKE A SANDWICH}

3. REAL Mexican Sour Cream [Oaxaca string cheese optional]

2. diced cabbage

1. Chunky Goddamn Salsa

+++Bonus Pizza Tip++++

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Top (bottom?) five most morally reprehensible organizations

1. Oil Companies
2b. All other ISPs
4. The RIAA
5. Sex Traffickers

(Dis)honorable mention:
Dogfighting rings
The US Patent Office