Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's next

So, found out what i'll be flying for my naval career, pretty excited about it. It's exactly what i wanted so should be fun. Hopefully be in portland june 5-15. If you're in town, see you there.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Fr 7/22 Drive to Arizona
Sa 7/23 Drive to California
Su 7/24 California
M 7/25 Bay Area
T 7/26 Drive to Newport
W 7/27 Drive to PDX
R 7/28 PDX
F 7/29 PDX
Sa 7/30 PDX
Su 7/31 PDX
M 8/1 Drive to Bend
T 8/2 Bend
W 8/3 Bend
R 8/4 Drive to Tetons
F 8/5 Tetons
Sa 8/6 Drive to Lincoln
Su 8/7 Drive to BNA

Doug I made you an admin so I hope that works. People, please visit with Doug and shave him if necessary