Friday, December 16, 2011


The sad news came the other day that brandon roy is retiring after five short years. For fans of the trailblazers, this was a very sad day. However, i can't help but feel that this was a sad day for all basketball fans. B-roy was a player from the old school days. Sure he could give you the dunk and the flashy plays. But he preferred the off hand lay-up, the super smooth crossover, or his ever deadly elbow jumper. Anyone who was a fan of basketball was a fan of B-Roy.

But what had an even greater effect than his on-court contributions, was his effect on the fan base. B-Roy led the blazers out of the jailblazer era to where we are now. He single handedly again made the rose garden one of the most feared place for an opposing team to visit. He revived rip city. And it wasn't just the talent that brought the fans back. Zach randolph is a very talented player, but he never attracted the fans like roy. It's the way roy played the game.

I am including a video of what nbatv considers to be the top ten plays of roy's career. I don't agree with the list but i think it does show off his elite athleticism and coldblooded clutchness.

For me personally, here are the top four...

Does anyone realize how hard that is? There's a reason no one has done it since mj.

My third favorite moment i couldn't find a video for. It was the denver game when he hit the winning shot and then blocked carmelo at the buzzer. He could also play defense when he wanted. Here's an unrelated video but still awesome.

Number 2

How many times have you seen a guy hit a game winning shot twice in the last two seconds?

And finally, number 1

This video still gives me goosebumps. And he had no cartilege in his knees! For me personally, he is to date my favorite blazer. I find it hard to put into words how much he meant to me as a fan...He re-energized a fan base and made the blazers relevant again. So for that I say thank you, and Brandon...we'll miss you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rob Lowe, and the creepiest Youtube comment I've ever seen

My God, he is dripping in perspiration and sex-appeal! I wish he was my father...
sperckensiedoitch 5 months ago

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Serious Question You Guys!

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