Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chess Club Resurrected. Now 70% Less Acne!

Above: Cory is currently kicking my butt on gameknot.com

Tim is joining soon, so you all should get in on the action.  Cory and I have it set on 3 days to return a move, but you can make it less or more time.  It has been a lot of fun.  We should do Words with Friends or something else too, for the chess-averse.  

I wish there was a better Settlers of Catan application (supposedly they're working on an iPad version) but if anybody wants to download the playcatan.com program, I'd love to play with you and the random Canadians and Dutch kids who use that.  It is unfortunately in real-time, but it can move pretty briskly, especially in 3-person games.  I can't tell you how satisfying it is to beat Germans at their own game.  And if nothing else, the graphics will make you miss the days of Windows 95:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Help Steph make/win the playoffs!

Q. Was picking up MJD *and* Pierre Garcon a reasonable gamble moving into the postseason?

Any advice moving forward would be greatly appreciated.  She is winning our division but just the fourth best team right now and the guy on the bubble behind her is just 1 game back.  She definitely needs a TE now that Gronk, her MVP, is down for the next few weeks at least.  Clearly dropping the kicker to add either Brandon Myers or Kyle Rudolph unless anyone has any better ideas.

I'm here for my 7:00 public shaming

I had a Sunday morning meltdown and sat ANDRE FUCKING JOHNSON the game he decides to score 7 Sundays worth of work.  Second time I have panicked, sat him, and lost.  So tired of 3-8 point games.  I hope that by outing myself here I will learn my lesson.  I now am mathematically eliminated from fantasy playoffs.  Mea maxima culpa.

SEACAPTAINDATE.COM // Are YOU a Yellow Submariner?

courtesy of Stephanie, who apparently is "trolling" for a more sea-worthy husband

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Top Five Things Ingredients in a Kanye Song

In light of the disappointment of Cruel Summer and the possibly upcoming Cruel Winter, I've cobbled together a template for a successful Yeezy joint, in case he actually wants to capitalize on his mogul aspirations:

5. OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: Chorus via Frank Ocean, Dwele, T-Pain, Mr Hudson, John Legend, Rihanna, etc.  Weirdly, apparently not Beyonce

4. Verse from somebody brasher/rawer i.e. Ross, Jeezy, Cam

3.  Verse from somebody smarter/smoother i.e. Pusha, Jay, TI, Freddie fucking Gibbs already.

2. Militant beat

1. Awesome marching band horn line

MOST IMPORTANT: No Big Sean.  No Cyhi. Cudi only on chorus duty. Fabolous borderline.  Your crew needs serious work.   NO SCRUBS, YE.