Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ian's Internal Monologue, Sunday Morning Edition

1st Quarterly Good Better Best [2013 Singles]

Disappointment: Darius Rucker "Wagon Wheel"- I like Rucker and I'm real glad the OCMS boys got a paycheck, but he hams it up a little much trying to make it his own.

Good Like a beautifully naive answer to "Heartbeats" 

Better Tie goes to the one with the more pronounced Scottish accent: 

Best One time a Cootie Catcher (edit: actually, on further reflection is was M*A*S*H, which is predicts four major tentpoles in life based on a whirlygig you draw) in Chicago's Midway Airport prophesized my perfect future, except I had to get married in a pink leather tux.  Glad none of that stuff came true, except this song, which is the ideal pop anthem for that mystical device and the girls who run them, so mischievously.  God bless 'em and the mystery with which they imbue our lives.

Bonus, Honus! "I Love It" Icona Pop (ft. Charli XCX) fun pop throwaway.  Told ya so on Charli

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

1st Quarterly Good Better Best [2013 Albums]

Disappointment:  My Bloody Valentine- m b v 
This feels like a practical joke.  Kevin Shields released ten B-sides for the express purpose of A. money and B. joy at watching posers pose.

Good:  Blue Hawaii-Untogether 
Now this is my kind of modern art pop.  Accessible but inventive.  Mixing Bjork, Cocteau Twins and The Knife with some Bay Area, hyphy-lite beats and a warm, mammalian core.  Music to wait out March with.

Better: The Men-New Moon   
The Replacements+Meat Puppets? (I came at this equation independent of The A.V. Club.  Damn my non-prompt posting habits!) Sometimes very noisy Americana finds a new angle on traditional Townes Van Zandt-esque Western themes.  Sounds so fresh it just might make country cool again, like Uncle Tupelo in '93.

Best: Yo La Tengo- Fade    
The Velvet Underground, watching a kid's soccer game after a great brunch and some QC with the spouse.  YLT carries on with such clear-eyed, full-hearted adult sense of purpose.  Reinvigorating; the perfect pick-me-up after a long day.  If their white noise turned you off previously, this one's for you.  Their Loaded.

Bonus, Honus!

16:55 of northwest hermitcore* at its finest.  

*expository essay forthcoming; I hereby copyright this term