Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Favorite new show...

...is a cartoon on the Disney Channel.  I should be ashamed.  But it is too legit to apologize for.

I had been without a Saturday morning cartoon for way too long, and this set-in-Oregon gem is just my jam. Equal parts Duck Tales and Recess, add a dash of Twin Peaks, garnish liberally with the most beautiful background animation since...ever?  The way it depicts the NW is salve for an exile.

Seriously:  record a batch for this weekend, don't bother getting out of your PJs, pour yourself some Apple Jacks and enjoy.


Top Five Shows, According to the Steepness of its NoseDive

5. The Good Wife- Uncompelling storylines, and an ongoing Kalinda B-story ain't helping.
4. Archer- It has been coasting for-ev-er.  Sadly piling up on our DVR.
3. Boardwalk Empire- Season 3 was a bore, no way around it.
2. The Office-Truly struggling to stay with it til the end.
1. Downton Abbey- Abandon hope all ye who enter here.