Monday, December 23, 2013


Merry Christmas from Japan!  Don't know if you've seen this or not, it's Bill Simmons so it's a little corny.  But I think it sums up how devastating it can be to be a Blazer fan pretty well.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Five Favorite Podcasts of 2013

Between commuting and dog-walking, I have a couple hours to day to kill.  These keep me laughing and enjoying my time.

Honorable Mention: WTF (musician interviews only)
His John Darnielle interview is absolutely required, Iggy Pop was fun as hell, and J Mascis was revelatory.  I've been harsh on Marc in the past but it definitely is not his fault that interviewing comedians is now the most boring activity a person can pursue. 

Runner-Up: Sklarbro Country
Not County fuck County.  I love these guys, but wish they'd keep it to under an hour.  Lack of editing leads to diminishing returns.

5. Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
I need this back so bad.

4. Comedy Bang Bang
I am definitely spoiled by the abundance of this.  I listen to it at double-time while commuting and it serves as a coffee substitute.

 3. The Bugle
My favorite news source.  Gives hope through the gloom like wartime radio dispatches.  Their riffing and expounding is like The Onion if their stories were as good as their headlines.

2.  Nerd Poker
Decidedly not for everyone.  But if the idea of comedians playing D&D appeals to you at all (for instance, Patton Oswalt drops by to sing a dwarven drinking song he wrote), you should give it a try.  Their dungeon master Sarc is a phenomenal storyteller, Posehn plays the phlegmatic MC, Gerry Duggan is a hysterically in-character paladin, and Blaine Capatch reveals himself to be the fastest wit I've ever heard.

1. Harmontown
So free format it isn't even funny, encouraging conversations that vacillate from scatological to divine and back.  Jeff and Dan are the ultimate odd couple, Spencer the precocious DM is the foil, and the rotating cast of guest comedians and live show regulars make it a real community.  Also, I met these folks and you can hear me yell out the correct final year of Prohibition at the Portland show.  Nerd among nerds.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rick and Morty First 3 Eps

The Adult Swim show Dan Harmon was working on when he was supposed to be making new shows for FOX and CBS.  Rarely has displacement activity been so rewarding. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Top Ten Albums of 2013

Honorable Mention: Chance the Rapper- Acid Rain
A pressure cooker like Chicago and its looming summer can't do anything else *but* produce a prodigious mixtape from a kid desperate to keep everyone calm and alive until the mercury drops. Stakes don't get higher, responses don't get craftier or more empathetic.

Runner-Up: Malkovich- Great Expectations
Redemption-Sunday soundtrack.  An IV of Clarity into your veins: inspired lyricism and the freshest boom bap. You will get your shit done with a smile on your face.

10. Daft Punk- Random Access Memories
The coolest kids in class were also pulling the long con.  Of course they were.

10. Forest Swords- Engravings
Crazy inventive without ever sounding forced.  Run if you would like Burial to make a soundtrack for playing capture the flag in the forest with all your friends and some stoners you just met.

9. Tim Hecker- Virgins
What if an entire cathedral rested on your shoulders yet didn't crush you?  The choirs would reverberate through your skull.

8. Steve Hauschildt- S/H
My Emeralds bros carry me.

7. Lady Gaga- ARTPOP 
Leeegit her duet with Kermie crushed me.  Better falsetto than Neil Young. (sidebar Jim Henson was a bigger loss than JFK, agree?)

6. Burial- Rival Dealer
If you have to ask, you're streets behind.

5. Thundercat- Apocalypse
Holy wooly shit are there some great pop songs on here.  And some freaky future-jazz to keep up appearances.

4. Califone- Stitches
Have ya met Ted? (Ted is Ben)

3. Kanye West- Yeezus
He doesn't make it easy.  He wants to believe we're better than that.

2.Friendzone- DX
Not so much music as an alternate state of existence:  dazed happiness and clear blue light under your feet.

1. CHVRCHES- The Bones of What You Believe
Cranberries+New Order=done deal