Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sky Ferriera- Night Time, My Time

I pretty much wrote Sky off after her "big" song, "Everything is Embarrassing" was a mild, electro-pop pretender to the throne.  But Pat gave me the heads-up on this album, and it is a welcome about-face, if 80's pop with a grunge underbelly perks your fancy.  The Rolling Stone, in an unsurprisingly lukewarm review (too bad it's not a new John "Five Star" Cougar album) panned it as sounding like a re-imagining of The Breakfast Club, which does not sound like an insult to me.  It sounds like what the whole sweeping, M83-generation is aiming for.  And this hits home.  The three-song run of 24 Hours, Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay), and I Blame Myself is my favorite of the year.

Puts me in a Graduation Day mindset, running around in rented robes, dodging sprinklers, losing your cap in some hopeless, exhilarating bid for love.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ten Favorite Songs of 2013

Honorable Mensch: Aloe Blacc- "The Man"
Runner-up: Beyonce- "Drunk in Love"

10. Icona Pop (ft. Charli XCX)- "I Love It"
9. Lady Gaga- "Gypsy" {Kermit mix}
8. Kanye West- "Bound 2"
7. Mariah Carey (ft. Miguel)- "#Beautiful"
6. Kanye West- "Blood on the Leaves"

5. Burial- "Come Down to Us"
4. CHVRCHES- "Recover"
3. Blood Orange- "Chamakay"
2. Kanye West- "New Slaves"
1. Lorde- "Team"