Thursday, September 25, 2014

Community Season 6

Season 5 got some shade thrown at it, and if you really feel like it doesn't continue to justify its existence, then nothing I can say can or should change your mind.  That is a huge bummer, thinking it out-stayed its welcome.  But I'd like to point-out Mr. Harmon had to do a MASSIVE course-correction, deal with the loss of his two best physical comedians, and SAVE THE GODDAMN SHOW all within 13 episodes.  Name another show that has ever done anything like that.

And if your argument wonders aloud where they have to go from here, I think we pretty clearly have come, with extremely economic grace, to the season where we have to deal with Jeff and Annie. Something that happens to mirror what is happening in Mr. Harmon's life.  You think that won't be worth watching?

Even it it would fail, haven't relationships been the weak link in many a great sitcom?  Won't it be exciting to watch it try? Even the mighty 30 Rock shoehorned in a half-dozen uninteresting significant others and cooked up story lines for Julianne Moore or Salma Hayak that didn't justify the minutes away from the writer's room.  Liz's had a better batting average, but we still had Wesley Snipes, repeatedly.  And honestly, don't both the people Jack and Liz settled down with seem more like placeholders that just happened to be there when the story ended?  They couldn't handle a romantic relationship--it is dangerous, messy business, and with both your stars over 40, not something the public is really clamoring for anyway.

But accomplishing a meaningful romantic journey, with already well-established characters is a truly difficult challenge, but so valuable.  Think of how poorly done Ross and Rachel were, and how we still cared about it.  America is not good at love stories, or hasn't been for years.  Rom-coms have a bad reputation now because no one knows how to do them right, not because they're inherently stupid.  A list of Great American Love Stories, well what do you think?