Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting Old, Would Rather See Live Comedy These Days

Maria Bamford is godmode right now, easily a top five American comedian.  See her.
ps Her tourmate Jackie Kashian was fantastic in her own right.

Tig Notaro seems content to tell stories and fuck with the crowd.  She's got survivor's confidence, and the crowd's complete faith.   Delivery and physical comedy were spot-on, joke selection and long anecdotes not as high payoff.  Would have liked a little more discipline, but it was a treat to see her anyhow.

Mike Birbiglia seemed rejuvenated with a lot of new material and more enthusiasm and charisma than last time we saw him, where I think he was (and Scott sure was!) sick of his own stories.  Met him again, had more pleasantly awkward conversation. You would have a good time too.