Saturday, February 27, 2016


I like it a lot, though the only scene I'd insist you watch is Episode 4, around the 4:30 mark where Gus' friends perform their jam session for the theme song of Perfect Storm.  Like Master of None*,  Love makes hay with the friend group and the relationship stuff is the right blend of truthful, painful and awkward; on the whole has a very similar balance of humanity and humor.

Gillian is great and Paul Rust--one of my favorite recurring guests on Comedy Bang Bang--is fantastic:

Rust was in a great band with Harris Wittels that you should check out--the songs are funny but performed with a lot of soul.

*Master of None addressed more issues--family, work and race--than Love managed to and I cop to be majorly prejudiced primarily because MoN prepetuated the lie that Father John Misty is a musician anyone should give a shit about.  Honestly, the way that episode kept repeating his name was eerily reminiscent of how the show Nashville named-dropped The Lumineers like a dozen times in one episode.  It smells like lawyers or agents are involved...anyway, my internal ombudsman wanted that clearly stated.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Raymond Chandler

If you need an audiobook or seven, I highly recommend Ray Porter's performances of the Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe books.  I've gone through five this month.   Chandler is a fantastic writer and I'm ashamed it took me three decades to learn that.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'm trying to keep my faith

Nah, this thing is a fucking chore.  He's got some really good production and great guest spots, but his own performances negate just about every song- Waves is the only keeper.  Alright, now I gotta remember to cancel this stupid TIDAL account.