Saturday, October 08, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 112

Senegalese dudes buy these birds and release them to represent letting go of worries, so in the middle of this damn election, I feel like flying to Dakar just to do this.

-good thing the SFPD vice squad took the night off.  Supposedly there's a part in Last Waltz where you can just see a coke rock hanging out of Neil's nose.

--thank you, Mr. Cash.  I love those devotionals from deeply broken dudes.

---could you turn it off a car radio?  (PS I think More Than a Feeling is the GOATest of those songs, I just did a lap around town, with frozen foods melting in the car because MTaF came on the radio)

----I mean, it's a mariachi song isn't it?

-----WHO MAKES STEVE GUTTENBERG A STAR?  Steph and I ask each other listen at least monthly.

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