Sunday, October 09, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 113 and Solange Knowles' A SEAT AT THE TABLE (2016)

just a very good political r n b album.

-life is good and it is a damn shame we have to fight so hard to preserve it but money never sleeps so neither can we...check to see if you can vote early!

--RVW; I used to be the only deejay who played him at our classical station, no idea he had two of the GOATs on the Classic FM hall of fame, but this is my jam i need austerity and triple-large string sections, hold the flutes, seriously Keith hold the goddamn flutes.

---you could take a bath in her voice.  Not on Spotify which is a crime.

----I adore this song

-----I believe there is subtext, I have to believe, and do believe.

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