Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 122

-'96.  keystone, Rosetta's stone, for the grungy power-pop to follow: the somewhat lazy songwriting excused by undeniable attitude and fantastic bar chord changes.

-- a little more personality here, presaged the pop-punk explosion, basically blink-182 with a more traditionally 'good' singer.  when was the last time you drank a milkshake with a friend?  +1 for super nintendo, mario kart, flannel, my heart bursting

---weirder than freak folk imo

----someday the Priuses (which autocorrects to praises) will be the old woody beaters full of wonderful girls of trouble.

-----I mean, the idea is that this would only show up 0.01% of the time, and wouldn't that be nice, once a week or two, just simple utter stupid joyousness.

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