Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 123

-everytime this comes on the radio, a whole region rejoices, quantums of relief and smiles, warehouses, offices, cars with people who can breathe like free divers swimming hard for the surface and breaching and gulping air and life

--someday, in a lonely dystopian/utopian compound, maybe near Fossil, OR or French Lick, we'll earn this, we'll barbecue SPAM and find the song on its terms, which are ether above us.

---2:15.  dude owns a lot of land along the Flathead River, where I lived that summer in Montana.  mixed reports on him as a steward of land, 100% all precincts reporting that he can fucking own the Platonic ideal of a yuppie jam godbless him in my book

----PDX dudes, saw them under Hawthorne bridge, met singer at Zupan's,  they got robbed from Lumineers' era folk-pop, should be rich

-----wherever we went, whether the Gorge waterfall where we ate roadside blackberries, or the once and future treehouse site where we found and guzzled Hood strawberries, Doug and I behaved like bears, good thing no salmon appeared, could have been ugly.

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