Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 125

-I love this lady straight up.  I think she falls way into goth musical theatre a little bit too much, but if she could channel this inspiration and BPM a bit more, she could be a huge star.  Such an alluring voice.

--the 70's are more interesting in abstract and practice than the '60's.  of course the revolution of empire failed.  What do you do afterword, with a scared, conservative hegemony?  How do you adapt to veterans returning, war failed, promise lost, just smoke and exhaust everywhere, just death and worse, life.  life without hope of change.  the guitar in this is sick and I think *a lot* of sneaky pop hits over the years have terrific, 3/4 point lead guitar, totally in pocket but expressing so much.

---Bridesmaids is going to be looked back on as generational, as a turning point in comedy an inflection point in feminism.

----ugh I think I was alright tonight until I saw that old 76 ball.

-----This came on the radio when Steph and I were driving in Ireland and it made the day, it was sweet cheese, WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THE 90's?  I have no idea.  I am Kurt, rolling in a grave.  I'm Rick Fox, jheri curled up, just ready to accept the world as a glory plane, as a place where dreams come true.

ps oh fucking no i just learned RF is a goddamned Canadian.  that bastard rained clutch threes on the Blazers in the playoffs like he had hate in his heart, but no.  born in fucking Toronto.  goddamn it Rick.  next you'll tell me Robert Horry is from Wales.

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