Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 131

tfw you find a new song you love on youtube

- i bought this album at the Circuit City (RIP) over off holgate and it wore it out

--maybe some days you fight, and when you can't fight with joy in your heart, you give up for that day, so you don't burn out, idk.

---definitely his worst fashion phase...oh ps I figured out the difference between what I hate in a cappella and what I enjoy.  I can't stand when they mimic instruments, cuz they are about 10% as good as they think they are at it.  I do like straight-choral arrangements.  who who who who the fuck enjoys a white boy beatboxing who who

----has portland gotten demonstrably cooler yet?

-----honestly i would probably need a lobotomy to be this chill.  not saying its stupid, just saying i need surgically severed anxiety neural pathways

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