Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bruno Mars 24K MAGIC (2016)

I'm so glad that Uptown Funk and Mark Ronson changed the Bruno trajectory.  Dude is undeniably talented but was serving up treacly, condescending garbage that was interchangeable with whatever Ed Sheeran, Andy Grammar, and other traffickers of blue-eyed-dead-soul were foisting on the radio.   24K MAGIC captures a sound that it is absolutely lacking on the radio, but it isn't simply retro--bumping the soul-funk BPM up saves it, makes it more accessible and visceral.  Mr. Peter Gene Hernandez also has a talent for inventing goofy cool dance moves and seems inspired, after working with Mr. Chabon, to make lyrics half the fun too.  The album starts with four very strong songs before detouring into Side B sexy times RnB which doesn't offer anything you haven't heard before a thousand times. Still, I'm happy with the singles we got and encouraged to keep an eye on this guy, where I'd written him off before.  We could do worse than the Weeknd, Drake and Bruno setting the goalposts for us.  Also, Kanye hates how pretty he is, which makes me happy.  Petty heroes for a lesser age, but it is the age we've got.  How much of our thirst is just for new wedding floor funk? Aging such sweet sorrow; school dance anxiety turns weighty, loaded, the punch spikes itself.

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