Sunday, November 27, 2016

Leonard Cohen's YOU WANT IT DARKER (2016)

The title track is a hymn for the ages, and the absolutely perfect song for the end of this fucking year.  What a grace note to leave on. (Speaking of which, I would go to a church that just played Leonard Cohen's music.)  The rest of the album is minor key majesty, a fond farewell to a friend. Godspeed, goodsir.

I want to believe we deserve better, but paying taxes and accepting shelter from a corporo-fascist permawar surveillance state means we probably don't.  Saving up for expatriation. haha /rant

Human history is a mostly fucked enterprise, and those particular conditions led to Raspberry Beret, so I guess I'll just compromise.

Raspberry Beret from HA Animation on Vimeo.

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