Wednesday, November 30, 2016


A combination of attrition and gradual cast shifting/improvement (I'm particularly fond of Jody and Colette) has made MINDY my favorite live-action sitcom right now.  It is kind of a throw-back to sitcoms of the past with plots that don't especially matter and shameless guest stars, but it adds so much verve with modern, ADHD pacing and killer comics hitting double-time jokes.  I think it has gotten even better on Hulu, but the audio is a little off.  Had this problem when COMMUNITY went to Yahoo--seems like the actors aren't mic'ed well, or somebody in post is missing the mark, but there are legitimately jokes that can't be heard no matter how much you pump the volume.  I probably haven't given this show enough credit the last couple years, but now it is legitimately one that I look forward to every week.  It's off until Valentine's Day 2017, so I'll be catching up on those I missed in seasons 1 and 2.

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