Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A MOST VIOLENT YEAR dir. J.C. Chandor (2014)

Not the descent-into-crime movie I was expecting.  A beautifully-shot locomotive of a parable about how if you want to keep your nose halfway clean and succeed in America, it will be a struggle every step of the way, and it takes superhuman perseverance to take the high road.  Is Oscar Isaac our best male actor under 40?  He's at least the most fun.  I am an absolute sucker for films set in this post-Watergate era, and this was exactly what the doctor ordered on an icy night when the roads were impassable and my wife had to try farm roads, retreat to the tavern, and get a ride to the homestead with her dad.  We have a couple more layers of insulation than we used to, but we still live in a most violent year.

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