Thursday, December 01, 2016

MR. ROBOT S2 (2016)

It was a challenging season, especially the Elliot-centric episodes, but nothing on TV has felt as essentially of-the-moment and daring since Sorkin-era THE WEST WING or pre-Obama THE DAILY SHOW.  It is incredibly thoughtful, perhaps takes itself too seriously, but what else is taking on the fundamental issues of the present with this kind of unflinching courage?  THE AMERICANS is kind of a stylish echo of this, but we have the benefit of distance and spy-cool detachment, whereas MR.ROBOT shows the warts-and-all youth grappling with a seriously fucked system, with dice loaded and decks stacked to such absurd levels that the characters, and we along with them, need to ask why even play the game.

ps still-President Obama got me a raise (my employer already sent out the memo, whoops, and is honoring it) in addition to cutting my taxes for eight years and covering my privileged white ass with health insurance for two years I really needed it, long live the man the myth the legend and fuck the new guy.

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