Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thomas Pynchon THE CRYING OF LOT 49 (1965)

I was always intimidated by Pynchon's reputation, but the INHERENT VICE film encouraged me that he might be more of a genius-jester than a heavy-and-dour, the other option for midcentury American male novelists.  And he is.  LOT 49 is highly amusing, running through life in the mid-sixties southern California dream, and could even be read as a precursor to IV, as it follows a possibly-medicated housewife falling deeper into an inconsequential conspiracy, which may or may not have been constructed to give her something to do.  Pynchon is an astounding conjurer of sentences, employing names and nouns as chances at joy.


Doug said...

First you make fun of me for reading Derrida in college and now you post Mr. "I'm just going to obtusely shove every single Post-Modernist trope into every single page so that I can prove to my readers how smart we all are" Pynchon?

Go Big Red!

Ben said...

rejoicing in the English language will always win me over, and the dude is fireworks. So far he, DeLillo, and Chabon are my favorite conjurers of sentences. Also, all I know of Derrida I learned from WIkipedia so I will 100% defer to you, please and thank you!

Cornell has some damn impressive alumni and uh, Nabokov taught there?? I probably should have finished those supplemental essays...damn you Winter '04 Benjamin!

Ben said...

then again plz remember that '04 Ben spent a good deal of time trying to convince you and a fellow Cornellie that Bush 2 was a shitty president #heroball