Sunday, February 19, 2017

ARRIVAL dir. Denis Villaneuve (2016)

I was cautiously optimistic before, but now I am going be full of unreasonable expectations for BLADE RUNNER 2049 (release date 6 October 2017.)  I have complete confidence Villaneuve can capture the tone.  I'd struggle to come up with a film that is as of-a-piece with its score like BLADE RUNNER, and he has shown a tremendous ear for music.  I need to go back to ENEMY (2013), PRISONERS (2013), but between ARRIVAL (click-thru for Scott's review) and SICARIO (2015) he has proven deftness in turning national and international dread into incredible small-scale morality plays with consequences like the very best science fiction does.  It is why TNG will be beloved as long as we persist but the Pine-ification will be soon forgotten.  Baseline dark days, mainline bad news...  I guess pray for hectapods?

ps Steph knew that there was nowhere in Montana that looks like that--turns out it was filmed in lovely Quebec, where I dream of becoming an evil real estate baron.

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