Saturday, February 25, 2017

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA dir. Kenneth Lonergan (2016)

Friends, old Ben's heart is not made of stern stuff anymore.  I think I was already on a path of old fella heart-tenderizing, tearing up at weddings, etc. and recent events have accelerated that process. NOBODY WARNED ME that this film would have a second, much more devastating tragedy waiting inside it.  Will be unpacking for days.  I guess come for the gorgeous cinematography, stay for the bafflingly-authentic acting, then like, I hope you have a fat cat that you can hold for a good long while afterwards.

In closing, thanks to Stephanie, I now know that the Redbox site A. exists B. has reviews and C. you guessed it they are the dumbest fucking things on the planet.  A sampling:

"Fairly depressing"  FAIRLY????????????????????????????

Battleship Pretension Sundance review
Battleship Pretension theatrical review

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