Saturday, February 18, 2017

THE HANDMAIDEN dir. Park Chan-wook (2016)

Scott liked it a lot (which should be enough for you people!) but I did want to throw my support for this ambitious film that hasn't yet opened in the St. Louis theater market (arthouse website says 'Coming Soon'), which I usually take as an indicator that it isn't penetrating the awareness of the mildly-conversant American film enthusiast, like myself.  We rented it on Amazon like common hogs.

Told in three parts that interlock in ways that grow more impressive as the film goes on, THE HANDMAIDEN is a Swiss watch of storytelling, coiled emotion, gears full of potential energy, biding their time.  By the end, the romance is all the better for the thorough demonstration of casual male perversity and evil.  If you want more exposition, the host of Battleship Pretension did the review and I'll take a moment to mention that I like that David Bax guy; he and Scott have terrific rhythm and comic timing on the podcast.  And I think he's from St. Louis, so there you go, a bow on it, stuck the landing Ben, well done.

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