Monday, February 20, 2017

The Menzingers AFTER THE PARTY (2017)

Scranton lifers make pop punk that hits a lot of the same sweet spots as The Gaslight Anthem but without some of the same backne-esque lyrical missteps (I get to say that.) I dumbly deprived myself out of a lot of the joys of this genre when it would have been more age-appropriate, as a depressive who looked side-eyed at anything with a lot of energy but without much grief.  Aiming for a higher class of emo, I guess.  Speaking of, we hung out with one of Steph's old friends yesterday, and she's a Something Corporate, et al. diehard, which of course made me think of John Burke, and hanging out with the throwers starting this time of year, of ugly singlets and massaging dirt out of javelin grips in the showers (ha), buses stuck on the highway, ducking out early and wandering through Aloha, looking at Albertsons' bakery case for an hour, wandering back before the goddamn relays were even done.  My saturated awkwardness.  This would have helped.  It helps now.

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