Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thomas Pynchon BLEEDING EDGE (2013)

I think what Vonnegut was to my early 20's, Pynchon is going to be to my early 30's.  Hilarious, incisive, weightless speed-of-light exposition and dialogue, heavier-than-lead implication. He finds an even more precise knifepoint of history, Y2K-->dot-com bust-->9/11 and a heroine to match challenge, Maxine the de-frocked fraud investigator.  Her wise ass Jewish mom with x-ray vision through bullshit is the perfect magnifying glass for a moment when New York was far and away the most important place in the world.  Pynchon pinballs his characters against each other, not too worried about delving into development, prizing comic or cosmically revealing interactions, often at the same time.  I haven't zoomed through an author like this since I started Chandler, and I am similarly mind-boggled at the craft and gusto of each sentence, as not just a link in a story-telling chain, but its own spit-shined work of art.  Wise up!

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